Architectural Design

One M Constructions Pty Ltd brings you the very best in modern design. Our quest for excellence in architecture has made us one of the most respected building design specialists. Attention to detail and customer service are our hallmarks.
The One M Constructions Pty Ltd team produces designs that are practical, elegant, and lasting. We approach each job as an opportunity to produce the best design possible. Building designers consult closely with clients to ensure we meet their needs and surpass expectations. We have produced designs for many properties throughout Melbourne, from budget houses to prestige homes and commercial premises.
One M Constructions Pty Ltd are registered building surveyors; you save money and cut red tape by having us carry out the building surveying work on your site. Our staff can arrange building and planning permits as required. We are also specialists in energy rating, using 3D modelling software to analyse the energy performance of a design. This is an important aspect of building design as regulations for new buildings become stricter. Having all these services available under one roof represents a significant saving in time and money.