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Since 1976 we have

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built a solid reputation for providing quality work & craftsmanship throughout Melbourne. With over 35 years of building experience we have earned long standing industry respect and developed strong relationships with both tradesmen and suppliers.

We provide professional construction services for New Homes, Commercial Buildings, Renovations, and Extensions. We also provide support before, during and after the completion of projects. Not only do we focus on each project at hand, but we aim to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the quality of work, and pride ourselves on attention to detail and efficiency.

We can renovate, extend and build new homes architectural and interior designs with a large range of products such as marble, heavy duty double glazed windows and doors, and lots more. These products come with a variety of colours to suit your individual needs and best of all we provide you with the option of customising your project.

Please do not hesitate to call regarding any available services. Our Constructions are Energy efficient, low maintenance with architectural features to be admired well into the future. Best design solutions. All our services are complied with the Australian standards.

One M Constructions

ABN: 74 122 728 036
Michael:0433 326 475